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Official Policy And Terms Of Service

Privacy Policy

At Obeah Rituals we respect your privacy fully. Our Privacy Policy is very clear and upfront about this - we will never share, give away or sell any of your personal information. Whatever you confide in with us we keeps strictly confidential. Any personal information that you provide for services, such photographs, are deleted after a period of time. We will also never ask for, or collect, information related to billing or payment services. We use PayPal to process all payments so your billing information goes directly through them, not to us. We never see it so we can never share or give it away.

Additionally, we will never contact you uninvited or give your email address to any third parties. You will never receive any unwanted solicitations, offers or spam from us. Privacy and dignity are things that we take very seriously at Obeah Rituals.

We do not use cookies or any type of tracking at Obeah Rituals.

Secrecy of Obeah

Obeah is, by its nature, a collection of secret practices. Due to this we require all persons who inquire about, use or participate in any services to maintain a strict secrecy. This means that you may not share the details of any service, any ritual, any working of Obeah or any email communications. Likewise, at Obeah Rituals we will provide you with the same confidence and secrecy. We do not share any information whatsoever regarding any inquiry you make, any situation that you share, or any rituals, services or otherwise that you are involved with.

By sharing any information regarding communications, spells, rituals, consultations or other services by Obeah Rituals you may in effect weaken or stop spell or service in its tracks. As secrecy is essential to the power of Obeah any client or customer who does not agree to this policy should not use rituals, spells or services listed. By sharing any information about Obeah spells, Obeah Rituals, consultations or other services the customer or client assumes full liability for any consequences or outcome.