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Obeah Psychic Reading With the Single Spirit Eshu

  • Obeah Spirit Psychic Reading - Short

    Divination With Eshu To understand the Short Spirit Reading you should read the description of the Full Spirit Reading. This will give you an idea of what type of readings are done in Obeah. These are not strictly “psychic” readings in a narrow since as they do not rely upon my own psychic ability. They are consultations with the traditional spirits consulted in Obeah.. In the Short Spirit Reading we consult with only one, rather than five, African Spirits. The African spirit that we consult is Eshu.

    Eshu is the quintessential gatekeeper of all things spiritual and magical. He is known by many names in every culture around the world. You may know him as Papa Legba (Vodou), Lucero (Palo Mayombe), Leba (Suriname), Hermes (Greece), Mercury (Rome), Ogo-Yurugu (Yoruba), Saint Michael (Santeria & Catholicism) and many, many more.

    Divination with Obeah SpiritsEshu is a spirit that is very diverse. He is able to consult with all other African Powers and therefore can comment on every aspect of your life. Eshu can discuss romance, temporal power, career success and virtually anything that you can think of. This is why in the Short Spirit Reading I consult only with Eshu.

    The process for consulting with Eshu is the same as in the Full Spirit Reading. I first prepare the space to protect myself from the power of Eshu. Eshu is very powerful and although benevolent it is always important to shield oneself from the spiritual force of any African Power. Eshu is a trickster, but will never lie or mislead one if consulted with honesty. This is why you must be open and honest when posing questions for this type of Spirit Reading. If you lie or play with Eshu then you can expect him to play with you as well.

    Eshu is not a “lofty” spirit by any means. What I mean to say is that you can pose any question to Eshu. If you want to consult about matters of sexuality, love, infidelity or how to gain temporal power this will not offend Eshu. The only rule is to be honest and sincere. If you desire a partner, if you desire sex or if you simply want money and power then you must state this. Only dishonesty and insincerity will offend Eshu.

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I like to go to a lot of psychics to see what they say and I know you said you are not a psychic but an Obeah man and that you use the spirits. Anyway I was very impressed with the insights that you got just from consulting with the spirit you said was named Eshu. For me this is one of the top 95% of readings I have ever had. I will get another in a few weeks. — Alisha

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A Brief Word About Eshu

Eshu is a spirit who is said to communicate directly with God. The insights that Eshu can bring are very powerful. However, Eshu cannot reveal all. With any reading there may be things that are hidden from you. This can be due to the rules of the spiritual realm. It may also be due to the fact that certain things, if revealed, will drastically alter the course of your life. Eshu is said to be a trickster – but he is a playful trickster. Eshu will not do anything malicious if approached in good faith. Eshu is sympathetic and extremely helpful to those seeking true answers, be it in love, finances or any area of inquiry at all.