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Obeah Spells for Power

  • Obeah Spell to Give You Influence and Power
    Obeah Spell of Influence

    This spell will give you a supernatural influence and power over others in all matters of your life. Have true control, sway and influence over others. Make them see and feel exactly how you want them to.

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  • Obeah Spell to Bring You Power and Success In Your Job and Career
    Obeah for Career Power

    You want to excel in your career and become as powerful as you can. Rise up and climb the ladder. Gain superiority over your peers and coworkers. Be as powerful as you can in your career.

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  • Obeah spell to grant you physical strength and power
    Obeah Spell for Physical Power

    This is a spell designed to give you physical strength and power. If you want to be stronger, better and faster then this is the spell for you. Perfect for athletes and all who want to gain physical strength.

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  • Obeah love spell to control and dominate a relationship
    Spell for Relationship Control

    You can have power and control in any relationship. May be used both in personal interactions with others as well as romantic relationships. Flip the tables and show them who is really the boss!

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  • Obeah Spell for Education and Success in School
    Obeah for Educational Power

    They say that knowledge is power – and this is very true. Excel in your studies at any academic level. Set yourself apart from your peers and rise up in your school or university. Pass every test and keep winning.

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  • Obeah Spell to Grant Intelligence and Mental Strength
    Obeah of Mental Superiority

    With the power of Obeah you are able to control and influence the thoughts of others with your very will. This spell can unlock your ability to do so – you will find it easy to control others just by a simple thought.

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  • Obeah Spell to Dominate and Fire Your Boss
    Obeah to Dominate Your Boss

    This is a spell that is designed for one thing in particular – to dominate and overcome your superiors in your workplace. We all know a boss can make life terrible. Don't let them do that to you – take control!

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  • Obeah Spell to Give You Power over Spirits, Ghosts and Entities
    Obeah for Power Over Spirits

    There is another aspect of power – this is power over the spiritual world. This Obeah spell will impart you with the strength and spiritual force necessary to control any spirit and make it do your bidding.

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  • Obeah Spell to Grant Ultimate Power
    Obeah Spell of Ultimate Power

    This is a series of Obeah rituals encompassing all of the rituals above. It will give you a full level of power over all – finances, career, the spiritual world and even more. Truly the full package!

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Obeah Power Spells

I am not going to say too much because you know my situation and if anyone found out I was using Obeah then I would be in a lot of trouble. But I won and I know that you made this possible. I hope that we can keep working together and helping each other for a long time. — A.A.

Obeah can bring you financial, spiritual and material power.

Powerful People in the Occult

Obeah is intrinsically linked to power. The advisers of the earliest African Kings were Obeah men and women. It was these Scientists who brought the strength and might that allowed the Kings to conquer, as well as to bring social and economic miracles to their people. But the tradition of Obeah as a force of temporal power is not limited to the ancient world. Even in modern politics Obeah is known to be a major force. It is widely rumored that politicians throughout the Caribbean, in Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and other island countries devoutly practice Obeah to help the win elections. Most individuals who have grown up within these cultures have seen firsthand the practice of Obeah among the rich and powerful. If it is temporal power that you desire then Obeah is your ticket. It can be used for every level — from successes in major political elections to personal goals such as increasing strength, influencing your peers, controlling relationships, being the best in school and even exercising potent spiritual powers of your own.


Obeah has been used by royalty and politicans to bring temporal power.