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Testimonials of Obeah Rituals and Ebenezer White

Palm Trees of JamaicaThis is a collection of brief testimonials that clients have asked me to share, in depth experiences of the Obeah rituals I do and a few notes on the historical successes of Obeah among powerful people in politics. All of the testimonials were submitted by clients at their request. All of the names have been changed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of my clients.

approvedIf you have used any of my Obeah and you have a testimonial, comment or story you would like to share please send it to me. I will have it posted as soon as possible.

— Ebenezer White

"Most Helpful Psychic"

ball"Ebenezer is one of the most helpful psychics or spiritual people I have ever talked to. I have been going to him for three years and he always writes back to me fast and has something helpful to say. Definitely a genuine and caring person!"

— Robert

"You Truly Are Blessed"

crown"The spell worked but I wanted to say that I am amazed at how well you support and treat your customers. I have seen many psychics who are so rude and mean, or do not respond to emails, but you are always there and with an uplifting word. You truly are blessed!"

— Jennifer

"He Came Back In Less Than Three Weeks"

wedding rings"No one could get my boyfriend back until I went to you. You cast two spells and then he came back in less than three weeks. It's like he is a totally new man now. And we're having a baby!"

— Chloe

"More Than Paid For Itself"

dollar sign"I got a money spell and then got a new job in a week. After that I kept winning enough at the casino to buy a new car. The spell was incredible and more than paid for itself."

— William

Famous People and Politics in Obeah

500 Dollar Jamaican BillObeah has long been attributed to political success – warranted or not – throughout the Caribbean. In Jamaican history Queen Nanny of the Windward Maroons, the only female Jamaican National Heroine, is said to have used Obeah to defeat slave masters. She is featured prominently on the JA $500 bill. It is said that Nanny used Obeah and military tactics to help free over 1000 slaves and settle them in free Maroon communities. Her brothers Accompong and Cudjoe are also quite famous in Jamaican history for their military prowess, freedom fighting and use of Obeah.

But Obeah is not restricted to the early history of Jamaica. Even in modern times Obeah is commonplace in the Caribbean. It is used by people of all ethnicity, economic status and social place. The American-born Edward Seaga, former Prime Minster of Jamaica in 1989 and again in 2005, openly consulted with famous Obeah practitioners. He wore Obeah charms and frequently called upon his supporters to “light a candle and sing a sankey;” an African tradition with links to Obeah. Obeah was instrumental in Seaga's populism and political career. The Jamaica Gleaner reported Seaga “was bold enough to have a revival table at Jamaica House, leading to the charge that he had brought Obeah to the centre of power and had invoked God's wrath upon Jamaica.”

Obeah in the Caribbean is not limited to Jamaica. Eric Gairy, the former Prime Minister of Grenada, was widely believed to have used Obeah to secure his seat in power. And a more notorious example – Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier – flaunted his practice of Obeah and African spiritualism openly. This allowed his rise and rule of Haiti as “President for Life” until his death in 1971.

— Ebenezer White

Keisha's Story

flowers"I am from Saint Ann and growing up I was a Christian and I always went to church. I would have never dreamed of using Obeah. When I was 26 I got married to a man that I had been seeing for five years previously. We had a baby soon after. My husband was a manager and he worked in an office. Right after I had the baby he hired a friend of a cousin to be a new secretary. Then everything started to change around me."

"My husband started to spend more time in his office and would come home really late. One night he didn't come home at all until the morning. He said that he was working all night. Then he started to see more and more of this woman outside of work. They started to go on dates. It was like they were flaunting it in front of me and our child David. He was four years old now. I knew he had been cheating for a long time. When I finally caught him I took him to church for an intervention."

"The pastor prayed over him and he said that he confessed his sins. He said he would stop cheating. He didn't see this other woman and even fired her from work. Everything was good and cool until I caught them again. I went to see my aunt and she knows a bit about roots and bush medicine. She said if I went to church and it didn't stop then this woman has him tied. To break the tie I had to find an Obeah man to do it. In Jamaica there are many and I looked around a lot. Two of them took money from me but my husband kept cheating. I jus couldn't look more because someone would catch me and it would ruin my reputation if they knew I was doing Obeah."

beach"Someone told me about Ebenezer in Trinidad but I didn't have the money to go there and find him. Then when I saw he has a website I said I would try one last time. The idea of Obeah on the computer seemed very strange to me because I had been having baths and sprinkling oils and powder. Ebenezer has a powerful reputation but I did not have full faith that you can do Obeah for people far away. But I found a friend who knew him and she said she did it. My marriage was getting worse and my husband had even moved out of the house by now. So it was all I could do."

"I wrote to Ebenezer and had him do a spell for me. He told me what he would do and he said for my situation I had to buy some candles and go out at night but that it was a big secret. I knew it was my last chance to get my husband and family back. So I did what he asked and then I waited one week."

"My husband came home in a week but was distant. He seemed very sad and he would not tell me what happened. In two weeks he admitted he made a huge mistake. He confessed he felt like he was under some force from that woman but then it stopped. She left him for a new man and kicked him out of her house. Part of me wanted to kick him to the curb too, but I forgave him. Really I wanted the family back more than anything and I still loved my husband. He has not cheated since and after some time I told him about the Obeah man. He was shocked but said it made sense. He said he always felt like she was putting something in his food to tie him."

"All of this happened in February of 2011. We never saw the woman again but I am sure she is doing some evil on the island still. My husband and I are happy now and this is all in the past but I had to give a big thanks to Ebenezer. And I learned that Obeah isn't as scary or evil as our parents told us growing up a road."

— Keisha

"Ebenezer Never Ignores Me"

atsign"Other psychics burnt me in the past who just took my money and stopped emailing. Ebenezer never ignores me and always knows just what to do to fix any problem."

— Anna

"You Healed My Soul and My Whole Life"

healing"I used to be scared of Obeah and thought it was evil until you explained it better to me. When I used Obeah you healed my soul and my whole life! I am so in debt to you!"

— Leah

"You Value My Secrets and Privacy"

topsecret"It was really hard to write about some of the intimate spells but you were completely professional and discrete. I really like knowing that I can trust you and that you value my secrets and privacy."

— Maria

"I Feel 100% Sure With You"

percent"You explained everything perfectly to me and I feel 100% sure with you. There is no one else I would go to with the same type of issues and problems."

— David

Obeah Testimonials from India

There is a strong historical link between the use of Obeah and India. This is due to a lesser known history of Indian immigration, indentured servitude and slavery in the Caribbean. Many Indians abroad and on the continent have heard of Obeah and know its power. — Ebenezer White

Obeah In India"I am from India and many people practice black magic here. My father practiced black magic and he told me how to cast spells on people for good things and for bad things. I can cast spells that make a person sick or even die. Here most people do not know about Obeah and that is my secret. My father's grandparents went as servants to Jamaica to work in cane fields when they made slavery illegal and they came back to India to live. They learned Obeah from the African Jamaicans and they taught my father and my father taught me. When I use Obeah I have no fear of any Indian magic at all because I know how powerful Obeah is. This is one of my secrets and I know you are my brother so thank you for teaching me as well and I hope we can practice together one day."

— Singh

Obeah To Get Married"My lover was in secret for two years but we could not be married because our families did not approve. She was from a different class and they all said it would be impossible for us to marry. I went to four different psychics here [in India] and three of them could not help and one refused. I do not know what to do. My friend said Obeah is very strong and I read that you have a very good reputation for doing spells. Both of our family said it we can marry and now we do not have to live in secret and be sneaking. We are marrying now in four months. I hope I did not do something wrong using Obeah but now we are so happy!"

— Angel

"It Was Like A Miracle"

key"My husband and I were very pleased that we went to you first. We had heard Obeah was strong and should only be used for emergencies, so when our house was being forclosed on we thought that counted. Now we get to keep the house and got everything renegotiated. It was like a miracle and we know it was worth it."

— Benjamin and Sophie

"I Will Be Back For More Spells"

hexagram"I just wanted to say thank you and that you were really understanding about the curse. Even though you already did the curse just two days ago when I decided it was a bad idea you took it off and you gave me a refund. No one else has ever treated me so good before. I will be back for more spells for my life next time!"

— Liam