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Courses to Learn Obeah

expand your mind, spirit and power with obeahI have a year long plan of Obeah courses that I offer for all people who have been initiated into Obeah. These are only available to my spiritual “children” that I have personally initiated. I cannot teach these courses to other Obeah practitioners or people who have been initiated by others. Obeah is very personal – it is traditionally hereditary – and many of the things I teach you will be specific to your initiation with me. They are my family traditions, the traditions of Trinidad on my father's side and the traditions of Jamaica on my mother's side. What you learn from me may be very different from what the next Obeah man or Obeah woman teaches you. They are very valuable, but as I have said many times – after initiation you can practice Obeah alone. There is no pressure to take these classes. They are for your own benefit, continuing education and spiritual growth.

The courses are divided into four quarters that are designed to be done over the course of one year. After the completion of one quarter you can stop and resume the next level at a later point in time. I do not personally recommend this but I will never pressure you to continue with a course. With Obeah you must keep practicing daily – either with the courses or on your own. The most important is that you never give up. You shouldn't stop and take breaks. But if you must stop and rejoin an advanced course at a later date I will never cut you off or discourage you from rejoining. You will always be welcomed again and again with open arms.

access to exclusive secrets of obeahFor my students that have taken all of the courses I will always be your spiritual Papa and also I will instruct you. But no longer on the level of a student. At the level of a colleague. It is assumed after one year of instruction that you can develop your own powers within Obeah sufficiently on your own and with mutual collaboration rather than just instruction. I look forward to welcoming all graduates and collaborating with you in a shared spiritual journey for life.

I will say again – none of these are required courses to practice Obeah. You can practice Obeah by yourself after initiation. In fact, this is the route most people take. I do not know if it is the best route but many of the most powerful Obeah men and Obeah women have been initiated, left to their own studies and have become true gurus. I was blessed to have the instruction of both my father and mother. For that reason I want to be be a pillar of support and give all of my initiates the same instruction my family gave to me.

The courses I offer can be helpful and I can teach you secrets held in my family that no one else knows. It is up to you to make an informed decision if you want to study with me further or not. There is never any pressure or coercion to take my courses. I will always give you guidance after an initiation for life – at no cost – as well, but not to the degree and depth that you would get from these courses. With these courses I can teach you the very foundations of what I practice and many of my family secrets as well.

Obeah Course Structure and Outline:
  1. Every course consists of a new lesson every two weeks.
  2. The courses are divided into four quarters annually.
  3. For every quarter there are six lessons and a final practical theory.
  4. This means there are 26 unique courses in one year – and four Final Practical Lessons.
  5. There are no tests or examinations in Obeah. There is only practice.
Three Major Areas of Study in Obeah:
  • Spiritual Theory and Metaphysics
  • Daily Exercises for Increasing Your Power
  • Practical Rituals and Spells

Tuition and Fees:

As mentioned there are four levels divided into four quarters in the span of one year. You can begin or stop these – in linear succession – whenever you choose.

The tuition for each quarterly course is $1000.

Tuition can be paid quarterly ($1000 one time fee) or it can be paid monthly ($340 per month / three months).

There may be menial fees for texts that you can optionally purchase from a bookstore. See Requried Texts and Literature.

Terms Of The Obeah Courses

You may stop anywhere you choose and continue to practice alone. There is no obligation to continue to the next level. If you have paid your tuition quarterly then you can stop after the quarter or if you have paid monthly you are free to stop after your last payment.

Just as with any institution of higher learning, you will have a date to drop the course and have your tuition refunded to you. If you wait past the date to drop a course then tuition is non-refundable.

Required Texts and Literature:

required texts of obeahYou may need some additional texts that are basic in occult literature – these can be purchased from a library, bookstore or online from someplace like Amazon for a nominal fee. The additional fees for any materials would never exceed $150 quarterly. You would be buying these directly from a bookstore, so I do not make any profit from this or for selling Obeah literature.

Most occult literature is old and is therefore in the public domain. This means it is often available online for free download as HTML or PDF or other eBook formats. You should check the Free Obeah Resources section if you are curious or if you need course materials. You may be able to progress through a quarter without purchasing any books. It all depends on if you want actual hard copies or if you are fine with digital formats.

You will have copies of my personal rituals that were passed down in my family as well as instructions given to me by my father. I will provide all of this to you in our correspondences, in text format, with copies of the rituals and also sometimes in PDF format. This is all included as part of your tuition and costs nothing extra.

A Final Question Many People Ask Me: Why are you sharing these secrets of Obeah?

Obeah is traditionally very secretive. Much more than other Afro-Caribbean traditions like Palo Mayombe, Santeria and even Vodou. The answer is simple and very personal: I have one son and no other children. He has no interest in Obeah and I fully support him in this. But if I do not teach my family traditions then they will die out. I don't want that to happen. It pains my heart to think of the years I spent with my mother and father learning the secrets of Obeah and healing only to think that they will die with me. I have already taken on many students and I hope they will take on students. I want to see these African traditions passed on authentically, intact and to survive into the next generation, the generation after that and so on. This is why I am sharing my secrets. I have faith in God and the African spirits that this is the right thing for me to do.