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Obeah Spells for Luck and Fortune

  • Obeah Spell to Bring Financial Fortune and Luck in Money
    Obeah Spell for Financial Luck

    Find money, win money and find that financial success flows into your life. This spell will open the doorways to present you with the chance occurrences that can make you rich where others are poor.

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  • Obeah Spell to Bring Protective Fortune
    Obeah for Protective Fortune

    Protective fortune describes the type of 'luck' that keeps us out of trouble. Avoid harmful situations, escape danger and find yourself safe and secure always. Give yourself the extra edge needed to survive.

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  • Obeah Spell to Bring Luck and Fortune in All Aspects of Life
    Full Obeah Luck Spell

    This is the quintessential Obeah spell for making you lucky in all aspects of your life. See time and time again how your improved fortune turns the negative into positive and keeps you trouble-free.

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  • Obeah Spell for Gambling and Lottery
    Obeah Spell for Gambling

    Make yourself lucky at all forms of gambling and games of chance. Win at the casino, scratch tickets, horse races, the lottery and more. Rarely lose a game and see the winnings coming in!

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  • Obeah Spell for Good Fortune in Relationships.
    Luck Spell for Relationships

    Need a little bit of extra luck in your love life? Make sure that your spouse doesn't catch you doing something you shouldn't be. Prevent misunderstandings from tearing your relationship apart.

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  • Obeah Spell for Luck and Safety
    Obeah Spell for Luck and Safety

    Be in the right place at the right time – and never in the wrong place at the wrong time. Chance occurrences can be devastating. Don't let random negative events turn your life upside down. Protect yourself!

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  • Obeah Spell for Luck and Protection in Travel and Vacations
    Luck Spell for Travel

    If you travel frequently or would like to, this spell is a must. It will protect you from dangers abroad. It can even help to win visa lotteries and get the permission to travel that you are looking for.

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  • Obeah Spell to Be Noticed and Have Someone Notice You
    Luck Spell to Get Noticed

    In many careers – entertainment, art, and even job selection – even the most skilled and qualified individuals are often only chosen due to pure luck. Make sure that you are seen and selected.

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  • Obeah Luck Spell for Physical Protection
    Luck Spell for Protection

    Avoid attacks and those who would want to do you harm. If you are in any dangerous situation or environment is is of the utmost importance to protect yourself. Don't hesitate to use the shield of Obeah!

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Obeah Luck Spells

I am a truck driver and I got a luck spell for protection just to be careful with my job. It has been about three months since you cast the spell and just two days ago it was raining outside and a big SUV in front of me went into a slide. I started to brake and went sliding also and I knew we would crash. At the last minute I stopped suddenly. It was like some force grabbed my rig. With the roads like that I knew it would have been physically impossible. I don't know if it was the spell or what happened, but I have no other way to explain it. — Billy

Obeah Holds the Secret to Luck and Fortune in Your Life.

Obeah, Luck and the Universe

In Obeah we have learned that luck is more than just a random force. It is not an abstract concept that defines chance. Rather, luck is a very real and tangible cosmic force in the Universe. Like Karma, luck is a balance that is constantly weighed out and changing on a Universal scale. By the use of arcane Obeah rituals we are able to adjust and conform luck itself in your favor. The end result is that you will experience greater fortune in various areas of your life. You can be more fortunate in your romantic relationships, meeting more men or women as you desire. You can draw in more money, close more business deals, win more at your games of choice and avoid dangerous or troublesome situations. Luck is an extremely powerful force that is little understood outside the scope and theology of Obeah. But Obeah will unlock those secrets and turn the tides of fortune in your favor.

How Luck Impacts Your Life:

  • Win More At The Casino
  • Take The Edge In Business Deals
  • Stay One Step Ahead of Enemies
  • Get Lucky and Have Success In Love


There is no randomness or accidents in the universe.