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Obeah Healing Spells

  • Spell to Heal A Relationship with Obeah
    Spell to Heal A Relationship

    Has your relationship suffered damage or stress? Do you need something to repair and restore it? This potent Obeah spell will start and speed the healing process after any type of relationship damage.

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  • Healing Obeah Spell for Auras
    Healing Spell for Auras

    If you have a damaged Aura then you know how distressing it can be. This spell will work to simultaneously cleanse and heal any damage to your aura. Fix cracks, damage and other breaks in the aura!

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  • Obeah Spell to Heal and Repair Damage from Curses
    Obeah Healing for Curses

    Even after a curse is removed the damage can linger and impact you. Heal and repair the pain and suffering brought by a curse. Fix your life after the devastation that a curse or hex has wrought upon you.

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  • Powerful Obeah Spell to Break Addictions
    Spell to Break Addictions

    This is a traditional Obeah ritual to break any type of addition. Have you ever wondered why Obeah men and women have no addictions of any type? These spiritual powers banish addictions for good!

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  • Obeah Spell to Heal Chi
    Spell to Heal Chi

    Chi is the vital life force that flows through us. But if it becomes tainted, damaged or disrupted it can be extremely dangerous. Balance and heal your Chi with the power of an Obeah spell.

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  • Obeah Spell to Repair and Heal Astral Damage
    Repair Astral Damage

    Our astral bodies and our astral cord are a very unique part of our spirituality. If your astral body or astral cord has been damaged, cut or harmed in any way this will restore it and restore your astral ability.

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  • Obeah Spell to Cure and Heal Emotional Distress
    Heal Emotional Distress

    If you have experienced any type of emotional distress from a spiritual attack this can heal you and restore your life. There is no need to suffer when Obeah can provide lasting relief.

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  • Obeah Healing for a Family
    Obeah Healing for a Family

    This is an Obeah ritual that will heal any point of trouble in a family. It can reunite brothers, fix relationships between parents and restore the harmony and balance in any family. Bring unity back today!

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  • Spell to Heal and Cure Mental Weakness
    Spell to Heal Mental Weakness

    If your mental state has been weakened by spiritual attacks, curses or hexes this can fix it. Fortify yourself spiritually. Obeah can give you a powerful shield and mental restoration. Bring back your mental power.

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Obeah Spells For Healing

Lucid dreaming was a practice of mine for ten years and I used it to practice ritual magic in lucid states. But I had a very evil experience with an entity and it left me scarred. I was afraid to try again and the few times I did I just couldn't. The spell to Heal Astral Damage got me past it and now I am going lucid again with no problems. — Frater A.P.

Obeah spells can heal the mind, body and soul.

When To Use Healing Spells

At Obeah Rituals I do not endorse healing spells for medical issues. I have the utmost respect for the medical profession and, in the vast majority of cases, physical ailments can be healed by medical means alone. Obeah is to be used when your ailments have a strictly spiritual root. In this fashion, Obeah endorses an approach to healing that encompasses both the body and the soul. If you have suffered the damage of a curse or hex, you may require healing to overcome the lingering effects. Similarly, Obeah provides solutions to damage that has been inflicted upon your spiritual body, such as your Aura, centers of Chi or Astral Body. It is also within the power of Obeah to heal any damage to the cohesiveness of a relationship, be it from internal or external sources. Obeah can also fortify the powers of the mind and the will. I will never attempt to use Obeah to cure cancer, HIV or other medical ailments. But if you have experienced damage spiritually, Astrally or otherwise then Obeah is an extremely effective remedy that can bring you to a state of perfect health.


Proper medical treatment should always be sought.