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Obeah Psychic Reading With Five Spiritual Powers

  • Obeah Spirit Psychic Reading - Full

    Crown of Ogun The Full Spirit Reading is a traditional form of divination and psychic reading in Obeah that consults with five major spirits. These are the spirits hailed by our African ancestors that are also found in the disaspora traditions of Vodou, Palo Monte and Myalism. They are known in Benin, Congo, Cameroon, Ghana and even all the way to East Africa in Ethiopia. They are the spirits of the Yoruba, the Igbo and the Ashanti. The five spirits that we use in the Full Spirit Reading are:

    Eshu – An African spirit who is essential in all workings of Obeah. He is the protector of the crossroads and the portal between the spiritual and material worlds. No magic can be done without Eshu. And no glimpse into the future can be seen without Eshu. Eshu is also known as Papa Legba in Vodou. In ancient Greece, Eshu manifested Himself as Hermes, or Mercury, the God of Magic.

    Divination With EshuOgun – Ogun is the spirit of temporal power. He is a spirit of politics and also of machinery. In Africa he was seen as the spirit of iron and iron working. He is also the spirit of everything technological and mechanical. Ogun is a God of War – in ancient Greece and Rome he was Ares.

    Mama Wata – Those of a Caribbean background may have heard more stories of Mama Wata than any other. She is a female spirit, a seductress and a true beauty. She presides over seas, oceans and lakes. She is at once both a lover and a destroyer – she can tell you of love in your future as well as impending doom. It is very important to heed the warnings of Mama Wata.

    Sakpata – Sakpata is the ruler of the open country. He is a bringer of both health and disease. Sakpata is often referred to as the Wrath of God. If you are facing misfortune or a blessing from God, it is only Sakpata that can warn you of this ahead of time. Sakpata is one who both warns us of our bad karma and misfortunes that we bring upon ourselves, as well as forgives those who repent.

    My Ancestors – I have many deceased ancestors who I communicate with. They can relate to us on a human level that the African spirits will not. Many were powerful Obeah men and women – much more powerful than myself. They can provide remedies, give warnings and provide blessings for those who truly seek their counsel. Ancestors only willingly communicate with those of whom they are related to. There is no other way to consult with these deceased Obeah men and women except through a living ancestor.

    Full Spirit Reading Process:

    Psychic Reading of the Cosmos1. I prepare and consecrate the ritual space for working with spirits. This is important to protect myself as they are very powerful even when they do not intend to do any harm. The ritual formula and patterns must be applied.

    2. We start with Eshu because it is he who must open the spiritual world to provide communication with the spirits. He is also able to reveal all matters of things.

    3. Next is Ogun, to provide authority and stability. He gives specific information on temporal matters such as careers, schools, money and other goals of power and prestige.

    4. Then we summon Mama Wata, who specifically deals with issues of love and passion. She also gives warnings of danger.

    5. Sakpata is the final African power to be summoned. He will consult on issues of health, justice and also give warnings and blessings

    6. At the end I consult with my ancestors who often give the most relevant information to our earthly desires. They were human once as well – they often relate to us on a human level better than the African powers themselves do. They can also provide secrets and insights on the workings of Obeah rituals.

    Not Your Typical Reading

    Reading of Mami WataYou can see that this is not a typical psychic or Tarot reading. There are no readings like this one outside of Obeah. No other form of reading, be it psychic, angelic, spiritual or otherwise can give the type of insights and clarity that this can. It is also a very complex and sensitive process. No man or woman not initiated into Obeah can attempt this. I promise a very unique and enlightening experience for all who consult with these African powers and my ancestors.

    Full Spirit Reading - $75

Spirit Readings

The reading was very unique and you told me many things that I found a lot of other psychics missed out on completely. I have never had a reading like this one. Maybe there is something to the idea of these spirits or gods knowing more about what is going on than just the intuition or feelings of a psychic. Maybe you converted me to divination rather than psychics! — Jordan

Consult with Five Powerful Spiritual Forces

On The Full Spirit Reading

A reading can focus on any area of your life that you desire. If you are looking for answers into matters of love, finances, spiritual health or more then the spirits can shed the light upon it.

However, this is not a reading for the generally curious. This is a reading for people who want serious answers. In a typical psychic reading the psychic may be going by their own feelings or impressions. Essentially, you are dealing with a human being. In an Obeah reading we are consulting with not just one, but many powerful spirits. If they feel that they are being disrespected or played with then they may play back. This does not mean that the reading is inherently dangerous or will cause you any harm. It does mean that you should take the reading very seriously and be very respectful with the answers provided by the spirits.

You may not always hear what you would like to hear. You will hear what you need to hear. The reading will be honest. It will be insightful. And it will provide you with the most important information to help you move in the right direction.