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Who Is Ebenezer White, Obeah Scientist?

Trinidad and TobagoMy name is Ebenezer Morgan White. Simply Papa Ebenezer or Papa if you like. In all of my dealings I wish to be friendly and familiar – there is no need for formality or pretense. I was born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad but have lived in Jamaica, Cuba, the United States and the United Kingdom. In all of these places I have practiced, taught and learned as what many refer to as a Scientist, or Obeah man.

trinidadWhen I left Trinidad I was 15 years old. I moved to Montego Bay, Jamaica to live with my mother. She was originally from Jamaica. My father was an Obeah man of some repute in Trinidad and continued the practice in Jamaica after we left Trinidad. But of larger repute was one of the cousins of my father, a powerful Obeah man named Samuel Ebenezer Elliot. It was after him that I was given my name. My father went to see him when he was sick. Samuel Elliot cured my father and it was in honor this that I was given the name “Ebenezer.” I hated the name when I was a child but I have grown to become proud of it and the story behind it.

My father had lived in Jamaica prior to my birth and had met my mother at a Kumina revival. My mother would never have referred to herself as an Obi woman and in fact my father and mother had many conflicts over various spiritual beliefs and practices. Many of these had to do with using spiritual power for placing curses or for helping certain people gain political power. My mother was known and called on frequently for her healing ability. People would come all the way from Westmoreland and St. Thomas to visit my mother and my father – often for help with different perspectives the same problem!ackee

house in jamaicaMy mother and father did get divorced and spiritual differences may have played a part of this. She was never entirely comfortable with the type of Obeah that he practiced. She also felt that her brand of healing and Kumina was more “Christian” than my father's African traditions. But by the time they divorced I was 23 and I had learned a great deal from both of them. I learned not just different spiritual aspects and points of view – often conflicting – but how to use spiritual power ethically and appropriately. I learned traditions of Christian prayer and healing alongside traditional Obeah and “darker” aspects of spirituality. Both of them made and shaped me into who I am today. They have molded and defined the spiritual beliefs and practices that I share and embrace.

I have previously lived in Cuba for four years. I have witnessed and partaken in Santeria rites and rituals but only to the extent of being initiated. The similarities are striking with Obeah, but so are the differences. I will always think of myself as an Obeah man first and never truly a Santero. My experiences in Cuba were shared with my ex-wife. I now live in the United Kingdom with my current wife of almost 20 years.

I wanted this to be just a short introduction, but did want to at least mention my family history, my mother and father, their divorce and my two relationships. This is because in my 40+ years of practicing Obeah most people come to me with issues of love. Love is never perfect – even for an Obeah man. My father had a divorce. I myself experienced a divorce. But I have also found true love and you can too. God and the African Powers will be with you if you are married, divorced, spiritually strong or spiritually weak. There is no exclusion or taboo. There is no shame in being hurt, having a broken heart or being down. I will always help any man or woman and I do not want anyone to feel intimidated or shy. This is why I will always be honest and let my flaws and limitations be known – I am just a human being like you or any other person. And although I am not perfect I will give you my one hundred percent with the gifts God has given me and with the Obeah that I have learned from my family.