Welcome to Papa Ebenezer's Obeah Rituals

Welcome! My name is Papa Ebenezer and I am an Obeah man or Scientist. I want this to be a place you can come to for spiritual help. Here you can find spells for love, money, spiritual protection and just about anything at all. I am also willing to induct people into the practice of Obeah – if it is the will of the spirits. Here you can find all manner of free Obeah resources as well. Obeah is still very much a closely guarded secret, but I want to dispel myths and misconceptions. And I will share with you what I am permitted to share. I want you to know that you do have a friend in Obeah. You cannot cross into the world of Obeah alone – but I am here to help you. It costs nothing to write to me and I would feel blessed to guide you on whatever spiritual path you choose. May God bless you!

Do You Cast Obeah Spells?
  • Yes - But With 7 Traditional Conditions

    Obeah Rules:

    1. I will never use Obeah to kill any person.

    2. You must be an adult to have a spell cast.

    3. You must be 100% honest with me and not deceive.

    4. You must believe in the power of Obeah.

    5. You must remain respectful to the Obeah spirits.

    6. You may not share the details of Obeah workings.

    7. You must agree to the rules and policies of the Obeah man.

  • — Ebenezer White

Where Can I Learn Obeah?
  • I Teach Obeah - But The Spirits Decide

    Learning Obeah:

    Anyone can learn Obeah. There is no restriction to race, nationality, or religion. But only the spirits can decide if you will be accepted or not.

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    Obeah Initiations:

    No man or woman can practice Obeah without the proper initiation. If you have been accepted by the spirits then you may be initiated into Obeah and start practicing.

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Heal A Relationship With Obeah
Obeah Get Your Ex Back
What You Need to Know About Obeah

Obeah is the magic that has existed since the dawn of mankind. It has been with human beings in Ancient Egypt, in Classical Greece and the first human societies on the African continent. Throughout history Obeah has taken many forms. Today it exists as a raw, pure and mostly untapped force. The mysteries of Obeah have been studied carefully by savants and scientists alike. None have completely unraveled its mysteries, but all have beheld its efficacy and power.

Obeah is a neutral force. The Obi man does not judge. Obeah can be used to heal and bring sickness. Obeah can be used to return lovers and break up couples. It is the Yin and the Yang. The Light and the Dark. Just as the Holy Bible tells us (Isaiah 45:7); “I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I am Jehovah, that doeth all these things.”

Obeah Rituals is likewise a website with a dual nature. This is at once a resource for free information on Obeah and the home of Papa Ebenezer White, an Obi man of some renown. You may browse and download our free information and texts on Obeah. You are invited to learn and study Obeah with Papa Ebenezer. And if you have a spiritual problem of any nature there is no better location than here to find answers.

At Obeah Rituals there is no discrimination or judgment (“You shall not judge, lest you be judged”). There is only action. Papa Ebenezer will handle any case within the power of Obeah. You will not be left. You will never be abandoned. Obeah can open the doors and make the dreams of your life a reality.